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ITEM: This bold nautical block set features all 26 debossed letters of the alphabet. We decked each block with matching semaphores, NATO phonetics, and Morse codes. Two more sides sport an illustrated knot plus a colorful maritime signal flag.Displayed on a mantle or coffee table, Nautical ABC Blocks by Uncle Goose can enhance a nautical theme in any room. As they grace your beach home, guests will be tempted to spell out their names in flags or in Morse code. Let them - these blocks may be decorative, but they're also fun to touch and stack. The matching canvas storage bag features a big blue anchor - but will you ever store these blocks away?


  • 26 - 1.75 inch cubes
  • Made using sustainable Midwestern basswood
  • Printed with safe-to-touch inks100%
  • Made in the USA
  • Ages 2+

Nautical Blocks

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