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Lavender is a truly exceptional example of Mediterranean flora. It boasts a very pleasant and stimulating scent with invigorating, refreshing and soothing properties. Nesti Dante`s Lavender soap contains the pure essence of lavender officinalis, which makes it a dreamy and fresh scent that restores the senses.

Nesti Dante still prepares soaps in the traditional Italian manner: by cauldron baking. Though this process is more expensive and takes much longer (up to four days!), there is no substitute for making soaps of such a luxurious caliber. Taking the time and energy to create these soaps by hand ensures that Nesti Dante always delivers a superior product with high-quality raw materials.

The production of Nesti Dante soap is strictly carried out with full respect for the environment. The soaps are natural and fully biodegradable, as well.

Italian Lavender Soap

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